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Zomfy Cloud is a completely scalable & secure Cloud Infrastructure custom deployed to help with your IT needs & to roll-out a modern cost effective system which ensures your network is secured, your team is able to communicate without any geographic barriers & without any major hardware deployed at your office ensuring cost savings from day one. A major chunk of NWDCo's own internal applications are powered by Zomfy Cloud which has resulted in a continous evolution of our servers & services with each day re-defining the way in which an organization conducts its own business.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected. Forever...

Using Zomfy Cloud you are automatically connected with your office network even if you are on roaming or using a public wifi. Using a secure tunnelling all your information gets securely synced with you. With Zomfy Cloud you need not use a hardware based firewall solution. With one click we put your entire organization on a cloud based firewall with more security & protection than ever-before.

We can Help you in these & other scenarios

Storing vital & precious data


Multi-National Corporations have a presence across countries. Storing vital & precious data is a very big challenge for them as their data requires large storage space and would be required across multiple locations. Zomfy Cloud is the perfect solution to this situation.

Zomfy Cloud


In order to reduce the hardware cost & associated costs of maintaining the hardware, Zomfy Cloud serves as a perfect alternate with a much better quality of service without any hassle.

Migrate the business to cloud

Migrate the business to cloud

A perfect mix for an organization where many of the team members are spread across owing to location or profile for eg. sales. This ensures that the company policies on the laptop (eg. blocking of certain websites, etc) are followed even while using public wifi.

Our Belief
Zomfy Cloud Infrastructure helps you save on IT costs & helps secure your network, increase co-ordination amongst team & streamlines automated backups.
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