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Grantclap helps organizations in the timely renewal of their Licences, Permits and NOC’s. With Grantclap the organization can save huge expenses incurred due to the payment of Fines, Late Payment Fees and Penalties. Grantclap is customizable and scalable to suit the needs of organizations with multiple locations.

Quick facts Grantclap

  • Organize: Organize your licences with Auto – Reminders and Intelligent Reports.
  • Cloud Powered: Grantclap is Private, Secure & Scalable to meet the needs of the organization.
  • View: All the Permits, Licenses & NOC’s possessed by the organization can be viewed category-wise as well as individually.
  • Renew: Grantclap makes the renewal process of the Permits, Licenses or NOC’s an easy task with the help of reminders.

We can Help you in these & other scenarios

Transport Companies with Commercial Vehicles

Transport companies possess commercial vehicles plying on different routes across the country. Grantclap can help in effective management of the Drivers Licences, Permits etc.


Hotels require a lot of Permits, NOC’s and Licences for their daily functioning. Grantclap comes as a unique solution to categorize as well as help in organizing them for their timely payment.

Travel Companies

Many travel companies have passenger vehicles plying across different routes. Grantclap helps in organizing the vehicle permits which eases the process of renewing them thereby helping the Travel Companies operate efficiently.

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A streamlined process backed with an effective management tool helps in the smooth functioning of any organization
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