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Tapesi – Data Capture & Feedback Analysis Solution is an intelligent solution to help you capture guest experience about your services and products. Tapesi is a fully customizable system deployed using the Zomfy Cloud and can be used & maintained from any part of the globe. Once the experience is captured it is sent to the relevant business heads individually or an MIS is generated for further perusal to further help improve your product and service.

Improve Consumer Experience & Internal Quality

Tapesi comes as a very infallible solution which helps in capturing the consumers feedback along with intelligent reporting which helps in the implementation of corrective action along with analysing the requirement of where the service is ineffective. Tapesi has been highly acclaimed by organizations as a perfect tool to help improve services at every level. Tapesi captures the user selection and presents the questions based on their earlier selection. With this, the consumer only selects options which are pertaining to him, saving them a lot of time.

We can Help you in these & other scenarios

Chain of  Hotels & Resorts

Chain of Hotels & Resorts

A perfect way to standardize capturing of the guest experience with immediate reporting & a comprehensive MIS at the end of the month to help improve further from an individual property to a group perspective.

Retail Chains & Corporates

Retail Chains & Corporates

Understand the market feedback on a product, brand, service. Use Tapesi to enhance the user experience further when they visit the outlet.

Medical, Realty & more

Medical, Realty & more...

A perfect way to customize your solution for the customer along with capturing the trend in the market specially useful in realty as well as medical tourism.

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Guest Experience Management is the Easiest Tool today to understand how your customers are responding to your products & services and how you can position your brand to them
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