Website Development


To get significant results, you need a clear vision of the context and logical planning.

Being a core competency from which NWDCo evolved, Website Development has been through innumerable iterations from being a part where we helped showcase the company online in 2001 to helping business launch & grow online in 2013. Our designs, concepts & strong team values ensure we are the preferred choice when it comes to global organization to SME to bootstrapping entrepreneurs.

Our Strengths

  • Innovative Designs & Concepts
  • Adaptable & Compatible on modern devices
  • Custom developed to your requirements
  • High Quality Standards backed by Strong Support
  • Global Experience gives us a local Cultural Edge
  • Scalable Websites to add more features, etc.

core services

Web Design

Starting from a story-board the design team at NWDCo scripts the entire look of the website with minute detail for all icons, images, fonts, their placement, etc. This is further co-ordinated with the coding team to ensure the design gets functions as required.

Website Development

Based on the requirement, the coding team then converts the design to codes. To give you an idea each website is spread across various technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JQuery with each supported by PHP, MySQL & other proprietary techniques to make these function as One!

Web Hosting

An integral part of any website is choosing the right web hosting. NWDCo has an array of own servers in the US which gives your website complete scalability & ensures dedicated speed and availability with a dedicated support team to ensure smooth functioning at all times.

Mobile Compatible

Taking note of the mobile revolution, since 2010 NWDCo has been the market leader in providing mobile & tablet compatible websites. With our techniques we have eCommerce Portals as well which enable mobile users to transact online compatible apart from regular websites.


At NWDCo we ensure Quality! Our dedicated Testing Team ensures the website is compliant on all modern devices and with limited support extending to support legacy browsers and Operating Systems. Range of automated tools ensure stress-test of the site to support high traffic.

Analytics & Maintenance

A website once launched is just the start! NWDCo ensures that the websites performance is closely monitored and various aspects of the website are highlighted to you so as to ensure you can benefit maximum from the same. With this your decisions are backed with solid analysis.

related services

Search Engine Optimization

Starting your website is like preparing your office for your clients to come in & do business with you. And if you need your clients to know your address, NWDCo provides SEO which our team ensures you are always found by your clients and in-turn help you generate more business. Read more...

Social Media Optimization

The world is more connected than ever before. With the social media websites, your business has the power to expand exponentially with minimal cost and efforts from your end. With our able expertise we ensure your product OR service has the maximum reach and interaction with your fans and their friends. Read more...

eCommerce Portal

The quickest way to make a complete business cycle is by integrating the payment gateway. Our team of experts help you with the entire process along with backend integration right upto your bank account. We also offer integration with any other product including your CRM, etc to make it an end-to-end system. Read more...

Payment Gateway

We have integrated numerous websites with an equally large number of payment gateways across the globe. Our expertise & years of experience helps us integrate your bank or other online partners with ease and peace of mind. Read more...

Online Paid Ads

We assist in buying online ad spaces for your website across search & social media channels, ensuring your marketing efforts are well complemented at every level and your reach is maximum. Our local expertise can help reach to your customer base across any location round the globe. Read more...

nCloudz Hosting

A website is as good as its server. At NWDCo over years of experience we have realised and have configured our Cloud servers which not only help in load balancing, but also help websites to always perform at optimal levels with even high visitor count. Read more...