Digital Commerce

Enable personalized customer experience through Digital commerce

NWDCo Digital Commerce Practice offers end-to-end services to transform the way enterprises engage, transact and service their customers in today’s multi-channel landscape. We are helping enterprises in the fast-changing world of shopping by bringing together the right expertise, experience and scale to help our customers adapt to the rapidly changing customer demands in the omnichannel commerce space.

Digital Commerce
Embark on your Digital Journey

Digital commerce enables personalized experiences to help business win and retain customers. But to satisfy buyers, integrated channels must deliver a consistent brand experience with targeted messages for each step in their buying journey.

Digital commerce tools allow you to respond quickly to sudden market shifts and simultaneously deliver new products and services across channels. Our experts have the experience and creativity to manage your digital commerce transformation. Our omnichannel commerce services amplify the innovations you need to succeed in the Digital world.

We offer a full range of services:

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce Strategy and Experience Design Services

  • Customized architecture for your omnichannel commerce platform
  • Platform recommendations that fit your current and future IT environment
  • Critical data points for every customer
Digital Commerce

Implementation of omni channel commerce services

  • Enrich channels with full-service capabilities and a consistent brand experience
  • Compelling content and tailored user experiences to enhance omni channel retail experience
  • E-commerce storefronts and upgrades or best-of-breed platforms
  • Integrated best-of-breed third-party search, web and user analytics applications
Digital Commerce

Maintenance and operation of omnichannel commerce platforms

  • Business continuity during system upgrades or migrations.
  • New onboarded product lines, new storefronts and fulfilment centres.
  • eCommerce platforms and third-party application management.
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