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nEducate is an Interactive & an Intelligent nCloudz based Online Learning Solution. nEducate is simple yet sophisticated enough to enable multiple courses to be run simultaneously across the globe for 1000's of students. The system has various innovative and interactive features making learning simple & fun. With Video Lectures & Live Interactive Sessions with professors & fellow students, it is a fantastic way to learn something new - Today!

Reaching out to students globally

nEducate helps Corporates & an Institutes to setup their own eLearning Environment where students & professionals can join their particular course and learn online. nEducate is a highly robust and a scalable platform to help accommodate any needs of a corporate or institute. Intelligent checks ensure a module is read to allow a user to proceed further, along with minimum test scores, etc.

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Educational Institutes

Go Global. Go Local. No matter where your students are, reach out to them & help them learn at their convenience & space. Encourage them to take as many tests as they want, read as much as they want, connect with them & help them grow at every stage. With separate access for professor, student & admin, the system is scalable to meet your requirements.

HR, Corporates & MNCs

Enhance your team knowledge by making them aware of various policies, best-practices & guide them at every stage. nEducate helps your team to login at convenience & gather detailed information about a product, service, access interactive tutorials, etc. and you may also use tools to ensure attendance, receive feedback and gauge results!

Personal & Corporate Trainers

In today's day & age the ability to reach out using interactive sessions with your participants at their convenient time, helps provide the required guidance and create scope for knowledge-sharing. With device compatibility the participants can participate in pre-training workshops, in-training sessions & receive post-training guidance.

Latest Implementation


Conducting the Online All India Test Series for students across India preparing for IIT JEE


eLearning Module for CA, CS, CWA for students to learn, give dynamic tests per subject & overall


Used to educate & test new joinees with the processes, operations & procedures before deploying them on Live Projects

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Enhance the traditional Education System by providing an interactive tool to enrich the learning experience
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