Showcase events, flight timings & more...

nVEvents Provides Live Updates 24x7

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Display scheduled ads, product info, etc.

Pre-Schedule nVEvents upto 3 years in advance

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Runs on nCloudz Infrastructure

No need for any server to be installed at your end

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Multiple locations uniform information

Showcase your brand uniformly across unlimited locations, Globally!

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Reliable - Automatic - Innovative - Cloud

nVEvents is powerful Digital Signage Solution adaptable & customizable to your requirements. Powered by nCloudz in the back-end, nVEvents stream Live information - Weather, Flight Timings, News, etc... Along with it, nVEvents runs scheduled tasks with a variety of rich multimedia, based on the requirements. The system runs on auto scheduling, picking up the scheduled content from the nCloudz server in real-time. Intelligent to store 3 years+ of schedule & play back whenever demanded.

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nVEvents HD on nCloudz

From screen sizes as small as 10" to as large as 100", nVEvents is successfully running at multiple locations powered by our nCloudz Cloud Infrastructure providing quality service, timely delivery of content along with scheduling of Live content

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Latest Implementations

100" Showcasing Hotel Photos, Weather, News, Flight Timings & World Clock

Hotel Kohinoor Elite

110" Showcasing the Latest Trends in Fashion

Suvidha Fashion

Multiple screens across the Hotel Showcasing the Individual Event at each venue & more...

Hotel Suba International

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The Cost Effective, Trendy & Simple to Use Solution to showcase your products & services is just a click away!

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We can Help you in these & other scenarios

Multiple Locations with Similar Content

Best Fit for a cafe having similar content running across regions or different content for each city, we can plan & execute them all.

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Chain of Hotels & Resorts

Individual content pertaining to each hotel or resort designed to complement the Hotel, we can showcase different information for each location or venue with a high level of customization

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DOOH Setup

We can help setup an innovative yet simple to use cost-effective Digital Signage Solution for your area - eg. Stadium, Exhibition Grounds, Airports, etc.

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