Guest Experience Management - Rate & Review

Let your guests give an honest opinion about your business

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Interactive, Intelligent & Innovative

Questions change based on the Options Selected by the Guest automatically

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Deploy on almost all platforms & devices

iPad, Android Tabs, Website, Interactive Kiosks & more... nSurvey is fully compatible

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Fully Automated solution using nCloudz

With this, there is no need to install any server or any other hardware at your end

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Engage - Interact - Discover - Summarise

nSurvey - Digital Guest Experience Solution is an Intelligent solution to help you capture guest experience about your services and products. nSurvey is a fully customizable system deployed using the nCloudz and can be used & maintained from any part of the globe. Once the experience is captured it is sent to the relevant business heads individually or a MIS is generated for further perusal to further help improve your product and service.

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Improve Guest Experience & Internal Quality

Currently Deployed at over 20+ hotels the system is very powerful in generating guest feedback and for an immediate action by the management. nSurvey has been highly acclaimed by Hotel Heads as a perfect tool to help improve services at every level. nSurvey captures the guest selection and presents the questions based on the earlier selection. With this, the guest only selects options which are pertaining to him, saving them a lot of time.

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Latest Implementations

Capturing the Guest Stay, Dining & Room Experience

Hotel Sea Princess

Jeweller understands customer needs & prepares his jewellery accordingly.

Maanit Jewels

Doctor captures patient queries to help start analysis

Popular Medical Center in India

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Guest Experience Management is the Easiest Tool today to understand how your customers are responding to your products & services and how you can position your brand to them

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We can Help you in these & other scenarios

Chain of Hotel & Resorts

A perfect way to standardise capturing of guest experience with immediate reporting & an comprehensive MIS at end of the month to help improve further from an individual property to a group perspective.

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Retail Chains & Corporates

Understand the market feedback on a product, brand, service or even a new mall. Use nSurvey to enhance the guest experience further everytime they visit the outlet.

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Medical, Realty & more...

A perfect way to customise your solution for the customer along with capturing the trend in the market specially useful in realty as well as medical tourism.

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